The bosses… told us that these Reds were “foreigners” and “strangers” and that the Communist program wasn’t acceptable to the workers in the South. I couldn’t see that at all. The leaders of the Communist Party and the Unemployment Council seemed people very much like the ones I’d always been used to. They were workers, and they talked our language. Their talk sure sounded better to me than the talk of… the President of the Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Co. who addressed us every once in a while. As for the program not being acceptable to us – I felt then, and I know now – that the Communist program is the only program that the Southern workers – whites and Negroes both – can possibly accept in the long run. –Angelo Herndon, “You Cannot Kill the Working Class,” 1937

Red Atlanta seeks to provide a socialist interpretation of local news and history of relevance to radicals, militants, agitators, and freedom fighters of all varieties. In so doing, this site aims to play a role in supporting and – to whatever degree possible – providing ideological assistance to the all struggles waged by and for the ninety-nine percent.

Red Atlanta is maintained by Ben S., an Atlanta-based activist and radical.


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